Sunday, November 5, 2017

Systemic Enzymes for #Parkinson's #Excellacor

The Common Cause of Parkinson’s
By William Wong ND, PhD, Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame

The road to discovery is long and winding. Some of its paths lead to dead ends, some of its paths curve round and round until they lead to truth. The paths trod by those seeking the cause and then a cure for the ills that effect the brain are no different.

In the search for the root cause of Alzheimer's many degenerative changes in the brain of its victims have come to light: protein cross linking short circuiting nerve transmission, aluminum shards in DNA strands, decrease in neurotransmitters, the shrinking of the brain due to loss of its fat content (the brain is 70% cholesterol), but all of these factors are the results of the condition and not its direct cause. It is now known that moderate inflammation, not enough to be called Enchaphilitis, but enough to have been medically detected, is the root cause of the condition.

With Parkinson’s patients a part of the brain called the Substancia Nigra dies off. This vital part of the brain makes a substance called Dopamine. It is dopamine that connects the brain to the body. As dopamine levels decrease while the Substancia Nigra dies off, slowly the control the brain exerts over the body diminishes. So essential is dopamine that doctors can tell a “pre morbid” (just before death) condition by monitoring blood levels of dopamine. Three days after the last drop of dopamine is made by the brain the person dies! A link between sub clinical brain inflammation and Parkinson’s has just been found!