Wednesday, September 12, 2018

#Floracor #Natural Treatment for #Candida #Overgrowth

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Problems with the most commonly prescribed anti-biotics:

These are just some of the symptoms associated with Candida overgrowth.More often then not, the antibiotics will kill all the bacteria. This means even your good bacteria is now gone. The beneficial bacteria that our bodies are in need of are eradicated after a cycle of antibiotics.

Most common contributors to candida overgrowth:

Birth Control Pills


Week or weekend immune system

a weak immune system- post virus, flu or common cold, even chemotherapy treatments

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The try the recipe for a smoothie to de-bloat your belly

Recipe for this great smoothie helps De-Bloat!

Chocolate and berries is a classic combo that translates well to smoothie form—plus, strawberries and raspberries can even help keep your stomach from feeling like a balloon. That's because these fruits are low on the list of gas-producing foods containing FODMAPs. The acronym stands for "fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols" and, foods low in these shouldn't make you feel bloated. The recipe calls for low-FODMAP almond milk (though you can swap in another nondairy milk), as well as a small amount of dark chocolate chips to give the drink just a bit of decadence.

Get the recipe: Anti-Bloat Chocolate Berry Smoothie

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