Sunday, July 10, 2022

Help us with a review on #Amazon


 How can you, the consumer, help small businesses succeed on Amazon ?

When we ask for "seller feedback" It helps us rank. Ranking means a lot because then we do not have to pay more to advertise. This economy has been crushing us for the last year. Not being able to qualify for any help from the SBA we have struggled with everyone from Amazon and the USPS to UPS raising fees. 


Here is quick reference to leaving us seller feedback. Put it into perspective- have had been selling on Amazon for 4 years and have only 56 reviews. That is hurting us a lot.


 Simply go to your "orders" on your Amazon account page and then you will see this screenshot above, just click "Leave seller feedback" It is SO easy and takes literally less than a minute. 

The other button "write a product review" only pertains to the product and helps the maker/manufacturers