Saturday, July 24, 2021

Serracor and #Fibrosis #Inflammation #Keloid

“Fibrosis is the result of inflammation. Inflammation caused by the injury, by the surgery, by a burn, whatever the cause inflammation is one of two things that drive the growth of fibrosis [i.e. scar tissue] … If the inflammation can be brought under control the keloid formation might be arrested. Plastic surgeons routinely have administered local injections of cortisone in attempts to slow down the inflammation and stop the formation of keloids.


These attempts are mostly failures and if pronounced the keloid itself may have to be surgically excised, which may in turn begin the round of keloid formation all over again.” Cure for Keloids *

Sometimes a small surgical scar/wound where skin and the connective tissue layers beneath are involved hopefully is healing without the formation of keloids. What are keloids? They are hard, unsightly scars raised up, overgrown connective tissue, essentially  a form of fibrosis / scar tissue.



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