Friday, March 23, 2018

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How Fibrin Helps — but Can Also HARM — Your Body

Fibrin is a form of internal scar tissue the body uses to clot the blood and strengthen muscles and other tissue after injury. It is stronger than elastin and collagen tissues, giving additional strength to the weakened area.

Surgery or tissue injury results in a localized increase of fibrin to repair the area. But even regular exercise, sports, or even massage can create microtears in muscle tissue. When the body doesn’t get enough recovery time before repeating the activity your body uses fibrin to strengthen the overstressed areas. This fibrin builds scar tissue in the area of injury resulting in limited mobility.

But that’s not all. Excess fibrin also acts like a web which red blood cells get stuck in, preventing oxygen from reaching tissues and waste from being removed. The body has to work harder to pump blood resulting in higher blood pressure. Excess fibrin has been linked to chronic systemic inflammation (a major source of pain), heart attack and stroke risk.

Most people have excess fibrin throughout their body. Symptoms of excess fibrin include chronic fatigue, slowed healing, and elevated blood pressure. Elevated levels aren’t always physically noticeable but you can ask your healthcare provider to run a medical test for blood monomers to measure your current fibrin level.

How to REMOVE Dangerous Excess Fibrin in Your Body

The most effective way to help your body break down excess fibrin is by supplementing with systemic proteolytic enzymes, or proteases. Not to be confused with digestive enzymes which help break down food, systemic proteolytic enzymes enter the circulatory system then begin to break down excess fibrin throughout the body.

The activity of systemic enzymes is quite different from pain killers like NSAIDs. While drugs like ibuprofen may help reduce inflammation, systemic enzymes support the body’s ability to heal itself instead of merely attacking symptoms with a short-term solution.

While effective, systemic proteolytic enzymes aren’t for everyone. Since fibrin is central to blood clotting, those on prescription blood thinners or expecting to undergo surgery in the near future should not take them. They can also interfere with the action of antibiotics. Therefore anyone considering taking them should consult with their healthcare provider first, particularly if taking any kind of medication or being treated for any condition.

This supports a healthy response to inflammation, fatigued muscles, joint function, and promotes fibrin metabolism.

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