Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Why Do We Need to Supplement Enzymes like DIsgest-GI



Why Do We Need to Supplement Enzymes?

1. Breaks down food quicker and more efficiently so our body can absorb nutrients

2.  Prepares food to be utilized more effectively by our systems and by the friendly bacteria in our gut.

3. Provides a break for our overworked digestive system. This allows the gut to provide some energy for healing and reducing inflammation.

4. Bolsters weakened digestion to counter the modern lifestyle of snacking and eating convenience foods which are processed and lacking in natural enzymes.

5. Aids with the decline of enzyme stress from aging. This naturally occurring reduction in enzymes is happening sooner than it used to. Thirty years ago, health science researchers said that digestive strength drops to 50% by age 50. Now they are saying that it’s happening by age 30.

6. Helps the immune system control unwanted pathogens.



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