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Causes, symptoms & treatment 

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Chronic inflammation - this means long-term inflammation and can last for several months and even years. It can result from: Failure to eliminate whatever was causing an acute inflammation. An autoimmune response to a self-antigen - the immune system attacks normal healthy tissue, mistaking it for harmful pathogens.

How do you know if you have chronic inflammation?
Think of it like the first responder to the scene of the injury. Pain, swelling, redness, and warmth are all signs of inflammation arriving at the site and helping your body with the healing process. Acute inflammation is a brief inflammatory response to an injury or illness that only lasts a few days.

What are the symptoms of chronic inflammation?
How to spot the signs of chronic inflammation:
  • You have a “spare tire” around your waist. ...
  • You have high blood glucose levels. ...
  • You have digestive problems like gas, diarrhea, bloating, or constipation. ...
  • You're tired all the time. ...
  • You have skin problems like eczema or psoriasis, or your skin is red and blotchy.


Systemic Enzyme Therapy 

For nearly 40 years, serrapeptase has been at the heart of Systemic Enzyme Therapy –the use and supplementation of systemic enzymes like serrapeptase for optimal cell, tissue, organ and metabolic function.  Likewise, companies, health practitioners, and consumers have turned to the original Exclzyme formulation for their systemic enzyme therapy needs.

The reality is that inflammation affects everyone, and nearly all tissues and organs in the body. Although inflammation in each case may manifest differently, inflammation still has one thing in common: fibrin.

Fibrin is an essential protein that is produced during inflammation. It is the initial first step in the body’s attempts at recovery.  However, when inflammation has become prolonged, fibrin along with other proteins such as collagen can begin to transform original tissue into a tough fibrous matrix.  Differentiated and sometimes sequestered apart from healthy tissue, this fibrous matrix still has the biological markers of inflammation. Nutrients, and other building blocks are still needed for healthy normal tissue.

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#Floracor-GI is a revolutionary blend of shelf-stable Bacillus coagulans of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes


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About the product
  • ADVANCED SYSTEMIC ENZYME FORMULA: Floracor-GI is a revolutionary blend of shelf-stable Bacillus coagulans of probiotics to support digestive immune health. In addition, it includes prebiotics and enzymes, specially formulated to help maintain a proper balance of intestinal bacteria, and prevent the overgrowth of yeast organisms, mainly Candida.* Once a well-balanced microflora is achieved, one can be free of digestive discomfort, sugar cravings, and occasional fatigue. 
  • RANGE OF USE: Promotes healthy digestion and nutrient absorption, microflora recolonization, and healthy yeast levels.* 
  • ACHIEVE OPTIMUM NUTRIENT ABSORPTION: The human large intestine is naturally filled with billions of microbes that protect against invading pathogens and help breakdown unwanted food matter. Without proper balance and activity of these beneficial bacteria, the digestive system and the immune system would not function appropriately. Floracor-GI supplies the body with an ample dose of beneficial bacteria while cleaning out the digestive tract of excess waste, excess Candida. 
  • QUALITY ASSURED: All products by AST Enzymes are manufactured in the USA. All products are made in a FDA registered facility that follows GMP guidelines. Free of pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, animal derivatives, dairy, yeast, fish or shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts. All individual enzymes are kosher-certified ingredients, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.                

Testimonials and reviews are GREAT

If you have IBS or anything similar this supplement works wonders. I highly recommend it. My suggestion if your in a bad way, take one a day for a couple of weeks until your digestive system calms down. Then taper off. I take one a week now and that's it. Amazing!

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#When Do You need a candida detox and cleanser ?? Try #FloracorGI


Floracor is the BEST Shelf Stable Candida Yeast Detox and Cleanse on the market

You need a candida cleanser when you notice: 


Somewhat of a light dizzy feeling


Skin issues like acne and rosacea

Intestinal issues that include bloating, excess gas, nausea and constipation

Have NO fear, FLORACOR is here! 

Don't go on a juice crazed cleanse, just try a supplement with Probiotic and Prebiotic. This helps with an over-produced candida. Candida will invade the mouth, vagina, ears, feet, and gastrointestinal tract. One of the reasons for bad breathe!

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#Serrapeptase #Naturally Treats #Sinus, Helps Infections in the Ear, Nose, and Throat

Serrapeptase was discovered in the early 1970’s, this proteolytic enzyme was isolated from the Serratia species of bacteria located in the intestines of silkworms. Serrapeptase, also called serratiopeptidase, is a superior enzyme that provides strong, healthful properties. Today serrapeptase is used all over Europe and Asia in clinical settings. It can break down non-living tissue in the body.

Serrapeptase is one of the world’s most exciting enzymes studied regarding its wide variety of clinical applications. Currently, especially in Europe and Asia, it is clinically used for many health conditions. One of the most well-known proponents for this enzyme was the German physician, Dr. Hans Nieper. He had great success supplementing with serrapeptase to promote normal heart and circulatory system health.

Helps Infections in the Ear, Nose, and Throat

In one double-blind study, patients with acute or chronic ear, nose or throat diseases found significant symptom regression with serrapeptase. The enzyme can reduce the viscosity of mucous, thus facilitating drainage.

How Does Serrapeptase Work?

Serrapeptase is an immunologically active enzyme. It can bind itself to the alpha 2 macroglobulin in our plasma where it is shielded from the immune system while retaining its enzymatic activity, and in this way, it is transferred to the sites where the body needs it. It is this same type of powerful yet specific action that allows silkworms to eat its own protective cocoon, digest it without any side effects and fly away. Amazingly, serrapeptase has the distinct ability to digest only non-living tissue allowing the old toxic layers that clog the digestive system and the lining of our arteries to dissolve. This is one reason why it’s so good at keeping arterial deposits from building up after heart surgery.

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#SerracorNK #Naturally #Treats #Bartholin #Cysts

Serrapeptase (that comes from microbes in silk worms) and Nattokinase (derived from fermented soybeans) are AMAZING Enzymes that help your body process out Scar tissues, inflammation and unwanted proteins. 

Ever heard of bartholin cyst Read this article. I never knew so many people use Serracor and like products for this type of cyst. 

Found some great reviews and I think it is time ladies know there is a natural remedy. Especially if you are prone to cysts, eat sugar and have a somewhat acidic diet.

 I had my first and hopefully my last bartholin cyst and with the help of antibiotics and lancing it began to get better. I have been desperately trying to find options to not have surgery and read and began taking serrapeptase, I am hoping through taking this I will never have a problem again. Once was enough. Thank you for all the advice and sharing your stories and the discovery of serrapeptase was a god send.

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So many great and amazing success stories going back more than ten years. If anyone wants a sample to try, please use our contact form. I would love to help you out!

Finding a healthy and organic way to treat scars, scar tissue and a variety of cysts is amazing. This problem is widespread. When I began researching what a customer was telling me I was shocked at the amount of articles that existed. A few common threads they all share:
Cyst prone
Sugar diet
Acidic foods
Recurring bartholin cysts 
Not taking any probiotic, kefir or prebiotic

Taking a daily probiotic seems to be even more crucial for women. The experts say that we should take one everyday.

If you’ve never heard of probiotics—or if you have, but are looking for a deeper understanding—you’ll want to get The Benefits of Probiotics, from the expert physicians at Harvard Medical School. This information-packed guide shares all the latest findings on probiotics and how these helpful bacteria can supercharge your health. 
  •  Scientists are finding that probiotics can be a powerful ally in the fight against a range of health challenges, including: allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, depression, heart disease, and gastrointestinal (GI) problems. And a recent study showed that probiotics can even help with weight loss! The guide goes over all of these benefits.
  •  You’ll understand how different probiotics treat different conditions. For example, L.acidophilus has been shown to boost healthy digestion and immune function, while B. longum blocks unfriendly bacteria and yeast. 
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High dose enzyme therapy is recommended for healing Try #Excellacor

When systemic enzymes are used in conjunction with intermittent fasting, a synergy of benefits exists. Practicing intermittent fasting for periods of 16 to 18 hours can improve immune system support, increase human growth hormone, and better equip the body with a better source of fuel for the brain and body in the form of ketones. Intermittent fasting has also been shown to improve hormone signaling as well as to stabilize blood sugar, and increase fatty acid metabolism.

High dose enzyme therapy is best recommended for individuals who use intermittent fasting to heal. In order to be most effective, systemic enzyme therapy must take place  outside a period of food consumption.

The best time for enzyme supplementation is during the morning when most people can fast on cleansing herbal beverages and lemon water. Furthermore, it is also recommended to go to sleep on a stomach that is not trying to digest and absorb nutrients from a meal too recently consumed before bedtime. If you are not a morning faster, high dose enzyme therapy may be more appropriate for you before bedtime.

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Dosing Recommendations for Enzyme Therapy

Cancer Prevention: 5 to 20 grams daily. Preferably 10 capsules in the morning and 10 capsules before bed.

Cancer Patients: 20 to 80 grams proteolytic enzymes daily. Dosage split into 30 capsules in the morning, 20 capsules 3 hours later (preferably 2 hours before and after eating), and 30 capsules before bed.

Metastatic Cancer Patients: 45 to 160 grams daily split into 40 capsules in the morning, 40 capsules later, and 80 capsules before bed.


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Bacteria Living in Our Gut You Need #Floracor so does your gut microflora

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Bacteria Living in Our Gut

​Your gut microflora isn't just sitting silently waiting for you to  chow down your next meal.

Cut Out Sugar and Processed Food What is processed food? Here are two very common examples

Bacon contains high levels of sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure. And sodium is just the beginning.

Part of the reason why bacon is so delicious is because it’s loaded with saturated fat. Saturated fat is linked to heart disease and obesity. Danger also lurks in virtually all store-bought bacon because of how many preservatives it contains, which are related to every health concern from headaches to cancer.

Granola Bars

Processed Foods Granola Bars

Consider the granola bar, also known as the cereal bar. They are stuffed with hearty grains and packaged in boxes featuring mountains and sunrises. So wholesome!

Too bad granola bars are also loaded with added sugars, which digest quickly and don’t satisfy hunger for long. Despite their healthy marketing image, granola bars don’t offer much in the way of good nutrition. Avoid them for their high simple-carbohydrate count and the long ingredient list filled with difficult-to-pronounce words.